There is a lot of ways to encourage youth and adolescents to develop a sense of self and greater understanding. Whether going outdoors, peer to peer group presentations, exploring creative ideas, or volunteering, participants can enjoy themselves as they watch their ideas be brought to fruition. Our organization provide positive reinforcement for youth as well as adolescents to enjoy life as they change the world.


Enjoy participating in activities that are healthy and fun by working out, team building, motivating one another, volunteering. This being another way to meet new friends who follow the same course.


Expanding Horizons



Youth and adolescents will use creativity to raise funds as well as schedule and participate in different charity projects that are fun and exciting. Imagine being a part of Health CAUSES and Prevention, to Peer to Peer workshops all organized by participants willing to express their creative side.

There's nothing grander than imagination, especially in youth and adolescents. We encourage them to stretch their creativity by engaging in different projects.  We partner with other community organizations whereas to use resources that are accessible.


Fun and engaging outings are planned in support of participants who have dedicated their time and energy. Y.A.C.T. 's will always show appreciation for participating. 


Getting to enjoy nature and outdoor activity is something few city youth do. Our organization stresses the importance of understanding what it means to connect with the community and participate in all sorts of healthy and fun activities.